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People we like, performers we admire, troupes we've worked with, random links to sites and stuff like that:

Like long form improv? Then get it from the best. The CRUMBS are a Winnipeg institution. Steve Sim is the guy who started "IF... the Winnipeg Improv Festival" and runs the "Big Stupid Improv Shows". See their website: or contact them at:

Leith Clarke, of Leithelle Productions, is a local playwright of legendary proportions, well known for his "The Spice of Life" soap opera spoof series. Contact Leith at:

The ImproVision guys are involved with Murder on the Menu.  For upcoming public shows or to book a private show, call Glenn at 231-0677.   

To find out what's going on in Winnipeg, improv-wise and otherwise, check out these sites:

Winnipeg Fringe Theatre Festival:
Winnipeg Comedy Festival:

And for more information on improvisation theatre, check out these links:

Learn Improv:
Yes And:
Canadian Improv Games:
Improv Encyclopedia: