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Retro Robot

Random Thoughts

  • If I was a desk, you could put your stuff on me (from Ken Rudderhom)

  • I don't have a goat (from H.Hickling)

  • If I had a dime for every dime I have, I'd have thirty four cents (from Dave McConnell)

  • "Dave's Lawn Service" - call me & your grass' ass is grass. (from Dave McConnell)

  • How was there a "Flintstone's Family Christmas Special"? Think about it. (from Dave McConnell)

  • I'm Pete Townsend and I have a microwave for an ass!

  • Smells Like Men and Feet. (a name we almost called the troupe)

  • These are your dreams. This is a gun. Bang.

  • Ban the potato and all its mindless, uncultured followers! Who's with me? WHO'S WITH ME??!! (from Chelsea J)

  • Hello. I'm a bowl of millet.

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