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Never been to an improv show before? Us neither. But here are a few things we’re heard from respectable troupes that should help you enjoy the show to the fullest.

DO…shout suggestions when the performers ask for them.
DON’T…shout them now. You’d just be yelling at your computer.

DO…challenge performers with weird suggestions, obscure references and little-known characters.
DON’T…be surprised if we just stand there as blankly as Keanu Reeves looking at a physics textbook.

DO…suggest all kinds of strange occupations.
DON’T…bother yelling "prostitute" or "proctologist." It’s been done…almost every single show.

DO…come early and get a good seat up close (we don’t harass people).
DON’T…leave that seat during the show to go to the bathroom (we’re looking at YOU, Shannon!). The show’s only an hour; you’ll make it.

DO…shout suggestions as soon as you can (we like to take the first one we hear whenever possible).
DON’T…yell before you think; if we ask for an occupation and you holler "tomato" guess what? You’ve earned our unwavering attention and abuse for the rest of the show.

DO…shout out your funniest ideas.
DON’T…blame us if you’re the only one who thinks that weird stuff is funny. Remember, if the scene sucks, it’s YOUR FAULT, Bucko; try harder next time.

DO…offer to buy us a beer after the show.
DON’T…split before the bill arrives.