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Alan MacKenzie George McRobb Ed Cuddy

Alan MacKenzie – It was Alan’s genius that spawned ImproVision, and, even though he is the baby of the group, it is his vision that continues to be 20/20…especially in hindsight. A veteran of more Winnipeg Fringe Festivals than one would expect from someone so young, Alan’s massive, youthful brain and other parts have also appeared in "I Come In Pieces" as well as other movie shorts, TV and radio commercials.

George McRobbImproVision is George’s creation (or "Little George" as all the much older members of the troupe call him). George made his acting debut in Leith Clark’s 2001 Winnipeg Fringe Festival production of Staff Room and is often mistaken for an infant.

Ed Cuddy – Ed Cuddy is tall.

Audra Lesosky – Still a fetus, Audra is the child/embryo prodigy behind ImproVision. While still in the womb, she managed to assemble these rag-tag casual acquaintances into a crack team of improvisational performers. And drives the truck from show to show when not working as a writer for one of Winnipeg’s top advertising agencies.